What do I need in order to be a shopper?


A Computer:


It is very important for you to have access to a reliable computer. You will view the assignment board, communicate with the office, request shops, fill out reports, update your profile, and monitor your payment status online. You must check your email regularly. If we have questions about your assignment, you will need to respond within 24 hours. You will also receive notifications about assignments in your area, and since they are filled quickly you may miss some exciting opportunities if you can’t check your email or log-in frequently.


A Spell-Checker:


Reports are professional business documents and as such, should be free from spelling errors. If you don’t already have a spell-checker, you can easily download one on the internet. We recommend the spell-checker that comes with the Google Toolbar, but there are many other options out there.


A Timing Device:


Most shops require you to report on various times (how long it takes to be greeted, how long it takes for your food to arrive, how long you were in line, etc.). You need to be able to report these times in minutes and seconds, not just by guessing or approximating. You need a watch or a phone with a clock showing seconds as well as minutes. You can also use a stop-watch if you are able to use it discreetly.


A Reliable Means of Transportation:


You do not have to have your own vehicle, but you do need to have a reliable, cost-effective method of transportation. Shoppers committing to deadlines is extremely important, and you don’t want to have to cancel a shop because your ride didn’t show up, the buses weren’t running, or you couldn’t afford to pay a taxi.


A Canadian Bank Account:


Our only method of payment is through Direct Deposit on the 15th of every month. Once you complete your first shop, you will need to provide us with a VOID cheque or a Direct Deposit Form from your bank. The account must belong to you or your spouse/partner/common-law and the address must match the address you enter in your profile. If you cannot provide this information, we cannot pay you.


Access to a Fax Machine or Scanner:


You will be required for most shops to fax or scan documents like receipts, business cards, etc. Your assignment is not considered complete without the required documents, which sometimes must be submitted as quickly as within 24 hours of your visit. Each assignment differs on what, how and when things must be submitted, so you will need to check the instructions on each shop.


A Valid Phone Number:


Reports are time-sensitive. We cannot wait for responses if the client or quality control has questions about your report. We need to be able to contact you quickly, and if there is no phone number on your profile, your report could be rejected.


Optional Equipment:
While not required for most standard mystery shops, you may qualify for specialty shops if you have access to additional equipment such as: a phone with a camera, a compact camera, video camera, tablet, scanner, webcam, microphone, or “spy cam”.