What is an Independant Contractor?

The position of a mystery shopper with Spot Check Services is that of an independent contractor. You are not an employee of Spot Check Services, and are therefore exempt from entitlements of an employee.


You are not covered by the company’s Worker’s Compensation insurance or any of its other insurance policies. It is your responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance coverage on your person and your vehicle. Spot Check Services is not responsible or liable for any damage, injury, death, or accident involving you as a shopper or any acts on your behalf which might result in lawsuits or claims against the company.


You will not be provided with a T4 slip, as we do not make deductions for CPP, EI, or Federal Tax. It is your responsibility to submit your federal income tax and claim your Mystery Shopping income. Spot Check Services does provide a payment inquiry section on your shopper profile to assist you with tracking your earnings.


You are not guaranteed assignments. When work becomes available in your area you will have the option to request assignments. You will then be notified if you have been given the assignment. Spot Check Services has the right to assign work at our discretion. There is no binding contract between you and Spot Check Services. You are not obligated to take any assignments, and may discontinue shopping with our company at any time. If we feel your performance does not meet our standards, or if you are in violation of any of our policies or procedures, we reserve the right to remove you from the database without notice.


You are a representative of Spot Check Services and must conduct yourself in a respectable, professional manner while on an assignment and when filling in your report.


You are not authorized to make statements or claims on behalf of Spot Check Services, nor can you enter into any contracts or agreements on behalf of Spot Check Services.